With the training courses we support the customer in order to make him completely independent on use of the system, allowing him to personalize the production manufacturing.
The CAD / CAM experts will join you to experience your needs and prepare the best programming. In this way we can render performing the installed system and transmit to the staff the necessary knowledge for the proper functioning of the plant.


Every single detail contributes to safe and productive working of the machine.
This factor determines the importance of using replacement parts of the highest quality.
GTM Impianti is able to supply spare parts and consumables of leading brands in addition to the fast and safe delivery service worldwide.


GTM Impianti has an accurate activity of audits for full or partial reconditioning of machine tools with:
- complete dismantling
- painting
- grinding
- construction and replacement of worn out parts
- editing and installation electrical board comply with current regulations.


The GTM Impianti offers a wide range of new and used machinery, so as to put each client in a position to make the right investment.
Thanks to our technicians and to their experience all plants, before being re-proposed on the market, they undergo a process of complete revision and subsequent regeneration, so as to be able to offer solutions from high operational reliability.

From design to testing, from start-up to the continued safe operation.