The after sales service is the activity that we care the most. A customer satisfaction is our satisfaction!

GTM Impianti is able to assist clients in every issue with both computer media, telephone and directly to your company making use of technology and industry experts.


Is a quick service DIY where you can examine a large and comprehensive database to identify anomalies and to solve the problems of your plant. The service is available upon registration.


It works through remote access to the system. In this way the assistance is immediate, the “production stop” situations are minimized, limiting the interventions on-site in case of extreme necessity.


In GTM Impianti offers the technical personnel trained to support every kind of repair and replacement of parts mechanical, electrical and hydraulics.
In addition to this, GTM Impianti is able to offer several types of scheduled maintenance contracts, which will allow you to keep your equipment to an optimum operation condition. You can choose the most suitable service for your needs, from a simple call in case of failure to the Premium contract which includes spare parts, where you have the advantage of being able to plan the operating costs.